Why Publish & Advertise in Historical Romance Magazine?

Our Purpose-

HRM is a reader-facing, niche magazine for the historical romance fan. It will be available upon demand as an E-zine and published quarterly (four times annually) as a full-color print magazine, gradually working into stores/stockists. We aim for a mature magazine length of 90-140 pages with around 15-20% advertising space and 30% or more for book reviews.

This magazine not only serves its readers, but serves the self-published and small & major publishers as well as other content makers that serve the same population.

HRM celebrates diversity and wants to organize the magazine is such a way that each of you feels comfortably able to connect with the content you like best while kindly allowing others to do the same. We cannot take responsibility for authors, books, and reputations of our contributors, but nor will hate speech or maliciousness be tolerated here. Please read our Terms of Service to better understand our stance on this.

What Can We Do for You?

It is very difficult to get attention as an independent author. Promoting your self-published work can be financially draining and exhausting, and even those under publishing contracts are encouraged to do a degree of self-promotion. For traditionally published authors, there is also a need for a new platform from which to reach new readers and stay current.

We take a long view of social media. The magazine is intended to work in tandem with your social media efforts. While in the beginning, you will have more social media followers and fans than we do, our goal is to share announcements for you and be active in the social media space. As we grow, we think we’ll become an important part of your marketing, both on and off social media.

Book reviews will be an essential part of HRM, and will give opportunity for new readers to find books and other goods to purchase with the print magazine itself being in a format preferred by 92% of romance readers (see below).

The magazine will be attractively presented, diverse, and all content will be formatted to appeal to historical fans which will add to its prestige and marketability. It will be read and re-read and shared. This allows an author/creator to be seen by potential fans that likely would not have stumbled upon their blog or independent marketing efforts.

HRM will engage in outside advertising to reach more readers, which will increase each HRM contributor’s visibility.

Some Interesting Statistics-

  • The historical niche is a steady one, based upon consistent sales.

  • Reader demographic reads up to three novels per week.

  • The readers are mostly educated women between the ages of thirty and forty-four.

  • Historicals make up the second largest market share (behind contemporaries) of a 1.3 billion dollar per year industry. [* Above stats from May 2017 issue of RWR “Who Said Historical is Dead? by Anabelle Bryant]

Faerie Magazine is a successful, similarly niche magazine that sells in print to subscribers, Barnes & Noble and other major booksellers, and they have: “1.6 million fans on Facebook, 151,000 on Instagram, and 80,000 subscribers to its weekly newsletter.”

*92% of romance readers (across genres) read print formats

*64% of romance readers (across genres) read E-book formats

*35% of romance readers (across genres) listen to audio format

[*The Romance Book Buyer 2017, A Study by NPD Book for Romance Writers of America”]

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