HRM Submission Guidelines

Do you write HR or have a closely related topic that you think our readers will swoon over?

Please email us at: and put “content submission” in the subject line.

Your article must be original and not printed previously in the current form. Accompanying beautiful images are definitely an asset! Please send smaller versions of images first with a note that higher resolution pics will be available. Visuals must be original or usable with explicit permissions, or in public domain and you as a content creator will be asked to sign a statement confirming this.

The creators of this magazine desire to give a sumptuous visual and written escape for our subscribers. We want this to be the sort of magazine our readers take on trips or up to the bubble bath!

We welcome the following items:

  • Quality feature articles of 1,500 words or less. There’s a sweet spot of around 1,000 words. Features should written broadly, as well-researched interest articles, not advertising pieces.

  • Short stories, poetry or a serial. The heat level of the published sections of stories should stop at PG/Kissing. Readers will be informed in the byline about the heat level of your full book so then it’s up to them to decide if it’s content they’re comfortable with.

  • Photography and art

  • Pitches for a recurring feature

  • Author spotlight interviews

While we are currently unable to offer cash payment for materials, writers and creators will enjoy well-placed exposure in a magazine that we expect to grow quickly and attract faithful, consistent readers. If your work is selected for publishing, you’ll receive space at the end of your piece for a short bio, contact information a photo of yourself (a byline).

Authors, reviewers and regular contributors, board members, and other cheerleaders will be given page space on HRM’s website for short bios and an image. Welcome!

Editorial Calendar

*Premier Digital Issue- Submit all materials by May 10th

November – Submit all materials by August 10th. (skipping this in 2019- annual schedule starts with February Issue 2020)

February Issue – Submit all materials by November 10th.

May Issue – Submit all materials by February 10th.

August Issue – Submit all materials by May 10th.

Again, please email Charlotte B. at the publishing desk:

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