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We’re so pleased! We cannot promise all books submitted for review will be chosen by a reviewer on our team, but we welcome your submission. We’re all about good books, and reviews will be at the heart of Historical Romance Magazine.

 Books by advertising authors will be given priority, but you don’t have to advertise with us to be considered. Please be sure your story is properly edited, proofed and has a professional-looking cover.

Please note that some reviewers will prefer e-book copies and some will want print only. If a reviewer requests a print/paper version, you, the author or publisher, will be responsible for mailing the book at your own expense to the reviewer. We’ll give you more details on how to do this in a follow up email. We promise.

 If your review copy is not sent to the reviewer in a timely manner, HRM is not responsible for its omission from the magazine.

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Is an ARC/print/Ebook available now? If not, when?
(Dragonblade, USA, June, $4.99+ )
Please use our heat level descriptions below to guide your answer.
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It's historical.
My book is a historical romance or historical with a strong romantic

Heat levels - How Hot Does It Get?

1 = Sweet, kisses only.

2 = There was some hot kissing in there, some tension, but nothing beyond that.

3 = Pretty spicy. Groping and kissing, ribbons came undone but I didn’t see anything happen beyond that.

4 = Spicy. Sex scenes were steamy but appropriate to the story. Language is descriptive but not coarse.

5 = Hot! Explicit sex scenes and extremely descriptive, frank language. Erotic, kinky and/or unconventional moments abound. Where’s my fan?