Q. When will the first issue be available?

The digital (only) Premier is scheduled to be sent before the end of August 2019. This is our pilot copy and is free of charge. This is a new chance to launch the magazine for readers as it’s easier to know you’ll like something if you can see it first, right? If there is plenty of interest, we plan to begin 2020 issues on a quarterly schedule, beginning in December/January with Issue 01.

For our editorial and advertising deadlines, please visit here.

Q. When I tried to pre-order an annual subscription, why did it say $0.00 and still ask me for my credit card information?

That is because the checkout is set for pre-orders right now. We don’t want to charge you until we know beyond a doubt that we can deliver what we’ve promised. The pre-order is your way of telling us that there is an audience to make the hard work of production worth it for our small team. Thank you!

Q. Who is HRM for?

HRM is for readers! HRM is not a writing trade magazine, it’s meant to be a pleasant escape from the hum-drums, the hustle-bustle, and provide easy, from-home access to historical romance book reviews and author insights that are nice to find all in one place. This is a benefit to authors as well! Read more about this here: Why should I publish with HRM?

Q. Who is on your staff?

We’ll be looking for help soon, but currently there are three of us, Charlotte Brothers- Founder/Publisher/Tech Warrior, Renee Bernard- Editor in Chief/Book Review Head, and Majken Ruppert of Spiderlegs Media/ Head Graphic Designer. Read more about the motivation for beginning here, About.

Q. Why is a print subscription so expensive?

Going to print is an expensive process and unfortunately, the smaller the batch order, the more expensive it is. The good news is that as the magazine grows in popularity, the production costs will drop. That will allow us to offer specials that take care of our dedicated customers and always offer you as low of a price as possible and yet be a healthy small business.

Q. How do you choose content?

First of all, we rely on our fellow readers and authors to step forward with connections and ideas. We hope for a natural diversity of sub-genres and article types to come from this. If you have something you’d like to submit or a page to share with a friend that might be interested, click here.