About Book Reviews & Reviewing for HRM

Would you like to have a book reviewed?

Would you like to review books for HRM?

What kind of reader magazine would we be without book reviews to give us a taste for our next favorite author or story?

We have nice little teacup icons for how much a reviewer liked a story and little fan icons for the heat level. The definitions are below and will be printed in each issue.


“My cup of tea!” (how much I liked it)

Overall Rating

1 cup = I didn’t care for it. Not recommended at all. Poorly written/conceived.

2 cups = It was okay. Probably not one I would recommend. Multiple flaws but not a total loss.

3 cups = Fair. Professionally written but there are still some issues.

4 cups = Good. I liked it. I would recommend it to a friend.

5 cups = Loved it. I’m wild about it and I cannot stop telling my friends.



“Will I need a fan?” (how hot does it get)

1 = Sweet, kisses only.

2 = There was some hot kissing in there, some tension, but nothing beyond that.

3 = Pretty spicy. Groping and kissing, ribbons came undone but I didn’t see anything happen beyond that.

4 = Spicy. Sex scenes were steamy but appropriate to the story. Language is descriptive but not coarse.

5 = Hot! Explicit sex scenes and extremely descriptive, frank language. Erotic, kinky and/or unconventional moments abound. Where’s my fan?!

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