Advertise in Historical Romance Magazine

Welcome! We believe advertising in HRM is a capital idea if you are involved in making content for fans of the historical genre.

Not only are we committed to serving the same tight-knit community that you are, the magazine is designed to help simplify your marketing/advertising process by bringing together curated content with the readers that are actively seeking it.

If you haven’t read the overview of the value that HRM can bring to your marketing efforts, please visit our why advertise page and about page, too.

The prices here are subject to change as our subscription base increases. The good news is that, even with a starting smallish base of readers, we are a dedicated niche! The friends who subscribe to HRM aren’t here looking for another contemporary novel, they’re here because they love historicals! They might come looking for a Regency and find a review or an advertisement for a Gilded Age or a western that looks interesting and decide to buy it. With relative ease, you’ve found a new fan.

Our goal is to go to print on premium magazine paper by the end of 2019! That’s a big dream, but we think that enough historical romance friends want the paper experience to make it worth our efforts. By maintaining high standards for the look of the magazine, we think readers will treasure the magazines and share them for years to come.

Please email Charlotte at: with any further questions.

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