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As a reader of historical romance fiction, would you enjoy an elegant print magazine that serves up feature articles with inspiring images, armchair travel, recipes, book reviews and in-depth interviews with authors, all between two covers?

As a writer or creative, do you feel like there are too few places to get your voice or your historical romance content in front of your audience?

The blog-o-sphere has become so competitive that it’s hard to get attention as a self-publisher or small press. There are lots of amazing authors and Facebook groups for historical romance fiction, but it’s difficult to distinguish yourself.

The seeds for this magazine were planted when I heard the frustrations of other writers when it came to marketing.

If the seeds were planted by hearing voiced frustration, they were watered when I realized that historical romance fans are by nature aesthetic and there was no non-digital place to browse, to accidentally find a new favorite author or shop or place to visit.

The art of allure is missing.

If you’re a reader, you’re in good company, we are too!

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Together we’ll make something wonderful.


Charlotte B.

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